Solid Anchors For Your Portfolio

I just finished an educational series of articles for Seeking Alpha on the topic of solid anchors for your portfolio.

I opened one of the articles with this introductory paragraph:
Just as literal anchors are used to save sailing vessels from shipwreck, certain key concepts or "anchors" can go a long way towards saving your investment portfolio from metaphorical shipwreck. Since, in this modern 21st century, many of us depend on our investments to help carry us through our retirement, this becomes a matter of some importance.
In the three articles, I discuss the anchors of low expenses, diversification, and dividends. In each case, I explain the importance of the selected anchor, offer an explanation of how to achieve it, and then show real-world examples of the application of each anchor in various ETF Monkey model portfolios.

This is a wonderful series of articles for both the younger or beginning investor, as well as an individual who may be of modest means and yet has the desire to reap the benefits of investing, and the power of the markets.

I encourage you to take a look. And please,take a minute to drop a comment, either in the comments section of the articles themselves or here. I'd love to know what you think.

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