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The ETF Monkey Vanguard Core + REIT Portfolio: Q3 2015 Update

In an article dated 7/22/15, I introduced the ETF Monkey Vanguard Core + REIT Portfolio. As outlined in that article, this is a variant of the ETF Monkey Vanguard Core Portfolio that I developed as a writer for Seeking Alpha. Following the various links provided, readers can trace the building blocks used to construct both portfolios as little or as much as desired.

In each variant, the basic premise was that an investor can build a highly-diversified, low-cost, portfolio using a small number of ETFs. In the case of this portfolio, four ETFs are used. As outlined in the original article, this portfolio was "purchased" at the 6/30/15 closing prices. As a reference point, we will use the S&P 500 index, which closed at 2,063.12 on 6/30/15.
Q3 Update