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The ETF Monkey 2016 Model Portfolio: Vanguard, Fidelity & Charles Schwab Implementations

A brief update on this project for Seeking Alpha.
After introducing The ETF Monkey 2016 Model Portfolio, I followed up with three actual implementations of the portfolio, using ETFs which you can trade commission-free if you are a client of either Vanguard, Fidelity, or Charles Schwab. Here are the three articles:
Charles Schwab

Introducing The ETF Monkey 2016 Model Portfolio

Just completed my latest article for Seeking Alpha. I am happy to say that it was selected as an Editors' Pick.

Here are the high-level bullet points:

For the past couple of weeks, I have been reading extensively through the 2016 investment outlooks of top-quality research firms.In this article, I will present six themes that I gleaned from my research. Ultimately, I will assign weightings and present The ETF Monkey 2016 Model Portfolio.In future articles, I will develop ETF-based portfolios based on this model, from three major providers.
If you are interested in reading further, here is a link to the article.

Made the 'ETF Analysis' Leader Board at Seeking Alpha!

Just wanted to say a hearty "thanks" to all my readers, both here and on Seeking Alpha! I feel a deep sense of gratitude.

Largely based on the amazing strength of this article, I finally broke the ranks of the Top-5 authors in the 'ETF Analysis' category. The article actually vaulted me from #9 all the way to #3!

With your continued support, I hope to be able to keep up my work.

Author's Note: If you find my work valuable, I would be greatly indebted if you would take a minute to follow me on TwitterFacebook, and/or Google+. My goal is for my work to remain entirely free of cost to my readers, and growing my following such that I generate an increasing number of page views will hopefully allow me to keep it this way.

101 ETF Investing Tips from the Experts (Including One From Yours Truly)

I was recently invited to participate in a report for The editorial team at ETF Reference surveyed 57 ETF investing experts in search of the best tips for exchange-traded-fund investors.

In response to that survey, they received over 400 tips. The Top 101 ETF Investing Tips made it to the main report. There are also bonus sections for Recommended Sites and Twitter accounts, as well as Recommended Books. One of my tips also made it into the Recommended Books section.

If you have a minute, take a look. I believe you will find this survey loaded with helpful information that could make a real difference for you. It was an honor to participate in this effort to increase the awareness of, and market interest in, exchange traded funds (ETFs).